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Rotation : at least two different missions.
International : at least two different countries.
Development : offers development: training, mentoring or both.

What is a Graduate Programme ?

Graduate programmes started to develop in France ten or twelve years ago particularly in the banking and distribution sectors and in some industries but these programs remained confidential, little-known to students and recent graduates. Some companies, for fear of overshadowing their more conventional recruiting methods, do not dare publicize their programs clearly.

Moreover, since there is no definition of a ‘graduate programme’ nor a norm other than an accrediting body, the term covers realities of career paths that differ from one company and country to another. While the more elaborate graduate programs include international job rotations, coaching, mentoring and continuous high-level training, other programs bear the name and are simply first jobs for recent graduates.

Over the past fifteen years the graduate job market has become global and applicants are sought internationally. Due to massive competition in this international ‘talent’ market and in anticipation of the mass retirement of executive baby-boomers, companies must attract and retain the best young graduate profiles in order to build a rich pool of future executive managers.